Summer Camp Near Baltimore

Camp Shohola For Boys is a summer camp near Baltimore — just four hours away in Shohola, Pennsylvania. Standing on what was once the property of a logging company mill, Camp Shohola has been a top summer camp near Baltimore for nearly 80 years.

It has been operated by the Barger family since 1943, starting with Frank Barger. His primary reason for starting the summer camp near Baltimore was his belief that camp was vital for childhood development.

Now, Frank’s grandson Duncan Barger continues to develop Camp Shohola, making it a top choice for a summer camp near Baltimore.

Helping Boys Learn as Individuals at a Summer Camp Near Baltimore

The camp operates on the philosophy that each child is an individual with his own talents and that those talents should be explored.

Camp Shohola strives to be a place where everyone knows one another’s name. For this reason, its operators have always chosen to keep the summer camp near Baltimore small. Therefore, parents can rest easy knowing their son has all the attention he needs.

Learning Through Different Activities

As one of the top summer camps near Baltimore, Camp Shohola has the saying “Your Summer, Your Camp.” This means that a stay at the camp is a time for each child to explore his own interests and develop his knowledge of himself. To help encourage this, each camper has the opportunity to choose between 10 different activities. The activities fall into one of six categories: land sports, watersports, outdoor adventure, equestrian, commtech, and arts and crafts.

Land sports include activities like archery, basketball, wrestling, ultimate frisbee, and martial arts. Watersports include activities like kayaking, fishing, sailing, and waterskiing. In the commtech category, boys can opt for activities like radio, coding, photography, robotics, and web design. Arts and crafts, meanwhile, offer opportunities for everything from painting and pottery to music, woodshop, and stained glass making.

Do You Want To Enroll Your Child at a Summer Camp Near Baltimore?

Camp Shohola For Boys offers tons of opportunities to give your son the best summer possible at a traditional camp. To find out more about signing up for a summer camp near Baltimore, contact Duncan at or 570-371-4760. You can also contact Duncan to learn more about using the property for a family or group rental camp or wedding venues.

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