What Is the Best Age for Sleepaway Camp?

Have your kids been talking about going to overnight camp, but you aren’t sure if they’re ready? You know there are lots of benefits to summer camp, but first, you need to know if they’re ready. Thus, you need to learn the answer to, “What is the best age for sleepaway camp?” Then, go over some additional factors that will let you know if your kids are ready for camp.

What Is the Best Age for Sleepaway Camp?

While some parents send 6-year-old kids to sleepaway camp, that’s a bit young. Six-year-olds are still developing motor skills, and many have just learned to tie their shoes. Also, it’s hard for them to be away from their parents for very long. However, kids grow quite a bit over the course of a year, and most are ready for sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania at the age of 7. However, age is just one factor to consider when deciding if your child is prepared for camp.

Has Your Child Had Sleepovers?

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is the best age for sleepaway camp?” you need to evaluate other factors. First, has your child has sleepovers in the past? If so, did he make it through the night without issues? Kids that had successful sleepovers are likely to embrace camp life. If your child has yet to have a sleepover, try that before enrolling him in camp.

Can Your Child Handle Personal Hygiene?

Does your child still need help handling personal hygiene? If so, it might be a good idea to reassess the situation in a year. However, if your son handles personal hygiene himself, he’s ready for an overnight camp in PA.

How Does Your Child Respond to Authority Figures?

Finally, consider how your child responds to babysitters and other authority figures. For instance, does your child listen when the babysitter tells him it’s time for bed? If so, your child is ready to listen to camp counselors.

What Is the Best Age for Sleepaway Camp? Find Out If Your Kids Are Ready

If you’re still unsure if your son is ready for camp, contact Camp Shohola in Greeley, PA. Call us at  (570) 371-4760, so we can discuss your child’s situation and let you know if he’s ready for camp. If he is, you can reserve a bunk today.

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